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Cake Pops

Cake covered in candy coating. Each pop is individually wrapped. Prices are based on 1 cake flavor and 1 color per dozen. 

Classic pops $2.50

Classic pops II $3.00 & up 

Custom pops $3.50 & up

Additional cake flavors $12

(Price can increase on large orders)

Sugar Cookies

Classic - $3.25 & 

Custom - $4.25 & up

(Cookies are individually wrapped and sealed. Minimum order 12)


Baker's dozen classic sugar cookies with company logo - starting at $45.


 4" round $55.00

(with 12 cake pops or 12 mini cupcakes.) 

6" round $55.00 

8" round $75.00

10" round $95.00 

(Custom designs available, inquire for quote)

Cake pop wedding cake

(Inquire for quote)

Cupcake Bouquet

(Inquire for quote)

Cake Flavors

White w/ cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet w/ cream cheese frosting

Lemon w/ lemon frosting

Chocolate w/ chocolate frosting

Strawberry or Strawberry Moscato w/ cream cheese frosting

White chocolate or Oreo w/ oreo cream cheese frosting

Key Lime w/ cream cheese frosting

**Other flavors available upon request

Pound cakes & cupcakes

Cream cheese, 7up & other

pound cakes $30

Hennessy Pound Cake $40

Rum Pound Cake $40


The alcohol evaporates during the baking of the cake, but there is alcohol in the glaze.


Mini cupcakes $2.50 each

(minimum  order 24)

Standard cupcakes $3.00 each

(minimum order 12)

Custom cupcakes toppers available

($1-$3 based on design ask for quote) 

Other Services

We can design and set up your custom display and dessert tables. *Display and set up are not included in the price.

Favor tags $5.00 (24 count)

Custom stickers $4 (12 count)

Free delivery within a 20 miles radius of Douglasville, GA. $10 delivery fee on deliveries over 20 miles.


To store leftover desserts, wrap in cling wrap and place in a freezer safe bag. Desserts will last in the freezer for 6 months.

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Simple ingredients used to make elegant and unique desserts.